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Our Vision

Chung Shing Taxi Limited was founded by Cheng Hak-wo in 1976. Since its inception, Mr Cheng has put people at the heart of his business and transformed taxi services in Hong Kong with the motto: "Leading innovation, keeping up with the times, and serving with integrity."

Thanks to his business acumen and vision, Chung Shing Taxi Limited has grown steadily over the years. Today, it is one of the leading players in Hong Kong’s taxi industry, and Mr Cheng is known as the Taxi King. His company operates a range of services spanning taxi trading, financing, repair and maintenance, driver training, and taxi rental management. In 2010, Chung Shing Motor Repairing Centre Limited was set up, providing 24-hour taxi maintenance and repair services. Chung Shing Taxi Management Limited was set up in 2011 to provide taxi owners/investors and drivers with professional taxi rental and management services, facilitating investors who want to engage in the taxi trade business.

Looking ahead, Chung Shing Taxi will continue to uphold its mission and vision to further enhance standards, giving every customer the chance to experience its high quality, people- centric service.

Leading Innovation and Keeping Up with the Times