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Taxi rental management

Leave your taxi with Chung Shing Taxi for peace of mind

Chung Shing Management Limited upholds the motto: "Leading innovation, keeping up with the times, and serving with integrity."  Our professional team is committed to serving taxi owners and drivers with sincerity and integrity, and ensuring that every customer experiences our premium quality service.  Chung Shing Motor Repairing Centre Limited, our 24-hour taxi maintenance and repair services arm, gives taxi owners and drivers peace of mind so they do not need to worry about the safety and performance of their taxi.

Taxi owner / licence holder

Taxi owner / licence holder

To invest in a licence with us, prospective taxi owners only need to sign a leasing contract with us (usually a one-year term) and start receiving taxi rent income and enjoy our premium service.

  • We collect taxi rent for owners and deposit the rent into their instructed bank account each month. We also issue a monthly invoice to owners for their records.
  • We handle taxi driver recruitment. Our taxi owners can enjoy a stable income from rent without having to worry about finding a driver for their taxi.
  • We take care of taxi repair and maintenance. Our services include regular repair and maintenance, vehicle cleaning and check-up to keep the taxi running smoothly.
  • We make payments on owners’ behalf. We pay relevant fees such as vehicle licence fees and vehicle insurance policies in advance and charge
Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers can register with us and we can arrange a taxi for rental within two days.

  • We provide free training for first-time taxi drivers. Our experienced drivers will share with you essential road tips and key information to operate a taxi for business.
  • We allow flexible handover locations. Drivers who need to change a location to hand over taxis to the next driver can inform our office two days in advance to make arrangements.
  • We take care of taxi repair and maintenance. Our regular repair and maintenance services, vehicle cleaning and examination keep the taxi running smoothly for you and give you peace of mind.

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