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Quick-start Guide to Taxi Investment

Quick-start Guide to Taxi Investment

You can buy a taxi licence directly through Chung Shing Taxi.  As an intermediary, we oversee and ensure the transaction is completed smoothly. We guard against hiccups such as missing or late payments, bounced cheques or unsuccessful payments.

You can check it on our website, or WhatsApp Chung Shing Taxi on 6330 0230, then press '2' or 'ask for licence value'.

The amount of down payment is subject to the mortgage loan amount you plan to apply for with your bank or financial institution.  According to Hong Kong Monetary Fund guidelines, the maximum amount of a mortgage loan from a bank or financial institution is 85% of the market value of the cost of a taxi licence and a taxi vehicle.  Many banks and financial institutions offer different taxi mortgage plans at different rates, loan amounts and repayment terms.  For more information, please check directly with our officers.

It is easier to get approval for a mortgage loan for a taxi licence than for a property as a taxi licence fee can be used to generate a profit.  The stable rental income from a taxi can mean that banks and financial institutions are more lenient in approving mortgage loans for a taxi licence.

If your loan application does not get approval, we will return your deposit in full and will not charge any administrative fees.

No commissions or administrative fees are charged. Once the buyer and seller have agreed on a licence value, the buyer only needs to pay for the licence transfer, a fee for changing insurance policy holder and the business registration fee.

Urban taxis and New Territories taxis have their respective advantages, and the considerations may include rental income, number of licences on the market, taxi fares, and trip areas. In terms of taxi fares and rental income, urban taxis have a higher rate of return and a higher rental income. In terms of the number of licences, the number of urban taxi licences is more than five times the number of New Territories taxi licences, so trade in the former is relatively more active.  On the other hand, due to the small number of New Territories taxi licences, their value is relatively stable. On trip areas, urban taxis can travel much farther than New Territories taxis and hence they are preferred by taxi drivers, which presents a slight advantage in terms of getting a driver.

Chung Shing Taxi provides a one-stop taxi management service, from recruiting and arranging drivers for shift duties to taxi repair, maintenance and cleaning, handling insurance policy and business registration. Taxi owners can simply enjoy the stable monthly income. 

Yes. All procedures will follow the regulations for a limited liability company, including annual accounting report, annual report, etc.

A taxi driver is considered self-employed.  If a driver rents a taxi and uses it for illegal purposes, all legal consequences and liabilities rest with the driver., not the owner.

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