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Free training for new drivers

Guide for new drivers

Chung Shing Taxi believes the way to grow the taxi industry and sustain its development hinges on enhancing taxi service quality and motivating taxi drivers to provide a high-quality service to passengers. To this end, we put emphasis on a driver’s conduct and provide guidance for drivers to deliver a high-quality service together. In order to motivate more people to join the industry, Chung Shing Taxi has rolled out different programmes and provides the latest industry updates and market news to support new drivers.


Free online taxi written test preparation session

The first step to entering the taxi industry is to pass the taxi written test. Prospective taxi drivers are required to hold a driving licence for three years or more, and must pass the taxi written test which comprises three parts: Taxi Regulations, Location and Route Questions, and Road Users’ Code. Chung Shing Taxi’s one-hour test preparation session provides tips and guidance to help prospective drivers pass the written test.

  • Live online session to provide guidance and answer your questions
  • Bespoke, virtual library of written test questions for study and practice
Training 2

Special training for new drivers

Chung Shing Taxi provides six hours of training by an experienced instructor to equip new drivers with essential and practical knowledge and skills.  Contents of the training include:

  • The latest taxi industry updates and market news, popular districts with strong demand for taxis
  • Understanding the differences of the four types of shifts and the respective rental and income projection: daytime, evening, special hours, substitute
  • A day as a taxi driver and key things to know
  • Key components of a taxi vehicle, general repair and maintenance

Driver's conduct and points to note

As a key member of the transportation sector and the frontline service industry in Hong Kong, Chung Shing Taxi provides regular training for all our drivers, new and old. Our training covers customer service skills and communication techniques.

  • Count on our Customer Service Team to help you overcome your roadblocks

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